Today is a day where I feel really good and am getting a lot accomplished.  So far:

  • I have slept until 6:00AM (not a small feat at all given MY track record of being up at 4am which, to be honest, I kind of felt cheated out of when I lost some of my “quiet time)
  • Done a load of dishes (the kitchen threw up on itself this weekend…I didn’t feel good Saturday or yesterday so there was a LOT of catchup since I forbid Scott to do them)
  • I vacuumed the living room AND the dining room
  • I got the trash together for The Boy to remove
  • I watched countless episodes of Say Yes To The Dress and cleaned up the DVR
  • I combed my hair
  • I watched Morning Express a gazillion times
  • I read an article about the Israeli offensive, “Protective Edge”
  • I read an article about the migrant crisis down south
  • I took my meds on time
  • I dusted the living room, straightened up my “nest” area and have two sleeping dogs to show for it
  • I made french toast
  • I have eaten 5 slices of provolone cheese
  • I drank two steaming mugs of tea and learned there is a HUGE difference between Yorkshire Gold and your top shelf store bought US variety (sadly)
  • I watched a preview for “Tammy”
  • I washed my bear, Edward’s, hair after a BAD cedarwood essential oil mishap
  • I ordered Evan a new ACCESS card (don’t even ask…his was thrown away)
  • I listed to Evan tell the dogs a story before he left with his “colleague” (read: aide)
  • I watched the rain
  • I checked out how my shamrock plants are doing

Not bad for 11:30 AM huh?

The Happy Migraineur: Homemade Icepacks!!!

My migraines, as I have said before, are epic.  They are triggered by weather, hormones, food, wine, stress…life.

I’d had headaches when I was younger but nothing like the ones I have had since I had The Boy 21 years ago.  That first real migraine, or at least the first one I knew, without a doubt, was a migraine, was killer.  I thought I’d die.  The only thing I wanted was a cold room and complete and utter darkness.

As I told Scott yesterday, I had a headache but compared to my migraines it was just a nuisance and not even worth tylenol.  Usually I know when the migraine is on the attack.  It starts either on the left side of my head or the right side in the back at the base of my skull.  Then it spreads like an tsunami all over my skull from one side to the other and from front to back.  I sometimes get an aura and sometimes I just KNOW that this one is THE one and start to batten down the hatches.

My first line of attack is to either do nothing or to take tylenol if I think it could help.  Then I drink a hot cup of tea.  My neuro told me that caffeine and the pain reliever mixed together work better.  He said sometimes even caffeine can stop the migraine attack but I find it works better with tylenol.

Next, I eat a popsicle and get an ice pack which is what this post is about.  The
ice pack.

I find that most ice packs are too hard or don’t conform to the parts of my head or neck that I need when the migraine is on the attack.  So what is a migraineur to do?

Enter the homemade ice pack!!!

I took a Ziploc freezer bag with the sliding zipper (I recommend a genuine, authentic, freezer Ziploc – mainly to limit the possibilities of leakage but your mileage may vary) and filled it with corn syrup until I had a flat layer about 1/4″ thick.  Then I put the bag into the freezer.

This is where the icepack gets cool.

It didn’t freeze solid but kept a very elastic property.  Even frozen it was very pliable.  When I used it, it stayed at a great temperature for about 20 minutes which is how long doctors recommend you ice something like your wrist, ankle or head.

It’s better at molding to whatever you’re freezing than peas and doesn’t drip like a pea package does.  

To make this short and sweet (ha!), it’s a perfect way to apply cold to an area and have it really mold to the area and provide a better administration.

Now, there are some cool things you can do.  You can put little floatables in the corn syrup like glitter.  You can color it with food coloring.  You could draw on the bag with Sharpies.  Basically you can make it your own.  It would actually be a good activity for the Littles and though I might give it a whirl, you MAY be able to use ziploc snack size bags to make smaller size ice packs.  Either way, they are portable in a small cooler and great for the boos that could happen at, say, Miracle League games or at the playground.

The best part?  No toxic chemicals on the inside to poison anyone and make them sick.  

For me, they are great to put under my head and neck when I lie down.  I can cover my forehead and head with them.  In short, I absolutely adore them!

So let me know what you think.  Try them out and see how they work for you and then leave a comment!!!