Introduction to Judaism

Tonight Scott and I start our Introduction to Judaism classes.  I have been through them before but this is his first time through.  They’ll go weekly through March and I am excited to see what he’ll think about them.

Mine were 12 years ago and I remember how they lit the fire of learning and the love of Judaism within me.  I really hope they will do the same for him but then I also have to remember that despite how much I want this, I also have to let this happen as it will happen and let Scott follow his own path.

What will happen for him will be between him and HasShem basically.

I had never considered how important it was for me for Scott to be Jewish until Rabbi Symons asked me the question and then I realized that yeah, it IS important.  I didn’t have the choice before and there were issues.  I converted halfway through and while during the conversion I didn’t think it was an issue I can tell you…it became one even though he did eventually convert.  There were many times it was a HUGE issue.

I am not saying it WON’T be an issue but I do know that it IS important to me that I marry a Jew and it means a lot to me that Scott is willing to explore that possibility for me and make that commitment.  It says a lot about how he feels about me and the respect he has for my values and my commitment to my own life and faith.

And that just makes me respect and love him more.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to Judaism

  1. And yet, I married a Jew who is now a Catholic. We have a mixed marriage but it works because she’s getting what she needs for her spiritual health and I’m getting what I need (though mostly not from the synagogue) for mine. Spiritual health is way more important to me than a unified faith. Not everyone is nourished from the same source. If Judaism doesn’t work for Scott, that doesn’t mean a marriage wouldn’t work, so long as there is respect for each other’s needs and viewpoints. G-d is in all of it. We’re the ones who dither around, trying to define the indefinable and make it fit the stories we tell ourselves. We barely have a clue.


    • That’s what I meant when I said he hi own path can’t be influenced but I have to admit I accept it IS important to me. Is it a game breaker? I haven’t gotten that far yet but I don’t think so since we won’t be having children and I think having a husband who loves and respects me is more important at this stage in my life. I am glad he wants to know how I believe and why I do what I do and that he respects this.


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