Stomachtime blues

I spent the entire day Tuesday in the emergency room.  I don’t so much have a problem with that because, I mean, I did call my PCP complaining of a weird pain in my upper abdomen that felt like something was stuck and I DO have a gastric bypass…so it could have been any number of things.  The most prudent thing to do to get me seen quickly and tested promptly was to send me straight to the emergency room.

It was a whole day adventure which involved a whole lot of barium which culminated in a short-lived CT scan which showed a thickening of some connection between my stomach and my intestines.  I probably should follow-up with my PCP and get a referral to my bariatric doctor.  It scares me a little because while I have my little tiny Frankentummy, my great big “remnant” stomach still hangs out as well.

And that sometimes worries me because, well, what happens to that if something goes wrong?

In this case, the problem is with my Frankentummy.  I can identify when the problem started which is when I was hospitalized in June and they switched me from prilosec to protonix.  I remember clearly (which makes me a little complicit I suppose) being told that prilosec was THE drug of choice for us RNYers (that is the type of bypass I had) and not to accept another kind.  But I was also assured in the hospital that protonix was the “same” thing.  Then when my THEN PCP substituted it for my refill of prilosec, I lemmingly went along.

And now we see where that has gotten me.  Yep….with a pre-ulcer and enough discomfort that I can’t sleep and sitting for long periods is uncomfortable and letting my stomach get empty isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.  Of course filling it up hurts too.  And drinking?  OY!

So far my bypass has been pretty cooperative.  If I eat right and exercise moderately we get along okay.  I started to think about getting a pretty radical revision done but in the line of exploring why I have gained 40# I discovered a lot about my slovenly ways.

I don’t move enough and I eat entirely too many processed carbs.  My battered Frankentummy is quaking as I remember!!!

I have since decided NOT to proceed with the radical surgery, to buy some clothes that will fit, to work hard on my really wayward habits and if this is what I am then this is what I am which isn’t bad at all.  I can live with this.

Emphasis on LIVE.

Sadly one of my online friends who had a revision (not the one I was considering but equally as challenging) passed away from complications and that was a HUGE wakeup call.  I don’t need that surgery and because I don’t need it…I can live the way I am.  I am fine the way I am.

So…I spent Tuesday in the emergency room.  My Frankentummy is a little battered but hopefully it’s on the mend.  My stupid insurance wouldn’t pay for the meds I need but I have a slush fund I could pay for the over the counter brand with.  So I am good.

And really.  I am good.  I am really good.


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