About Elianah-Sharon

I am a badass Israeli mom (whose name is pronounced Elianah- Sharone), living under the permafrost in the Mon Valley of southwestern Pennsylvania living the good life with my fiance and my wonderful sons (known collectively as “the Children”, even though they are 29 and 21 – a yours and mine situation).  I love to knit, bake, cook, draw, power walk and eat cookies, which are the bane of my post-gastric bypass existence.

Yes, I have a Frankentummy which I like to blog about quite a bit.

I advocate for the poor, the disenfranchised, autism awareness, and organ donation.

I live with chronic major depression, borderline personality disorder, social phobia and a longing that won’ go away for my homeland – Israel.

I live everyday the best that I can with as much humour as I can muster.

Basically I try.

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