A drive by NaNoBloMo Posting

Yes, I signed up to blog everyday in November and I have every intention to do just that. Only I forgot how busy I was today running here and there, seeing my therapist, buying the boy a new comforter…I forgot to get my blog together until I realized it just after I had taken my sleeping pill.

And realized I had about 15 good minutes before my eyes started crossing and today would be just a memory (along with this blasted headache I can’t seem to shake!)

So here is my drive by offering. I’m not proud but I do promise to be a little more substantial tomorrow.

Until then don’t let the bedbugs bite.

We’re in this NaNoBloMo Together Folks!

I need to give you fair warning right up front that I am participating in NaNoBloMo for November which basically means I’ll be publishing a blog post every day this month…or at least that’s the goal.  So…some may be thoughtful like yesterday’s and some be not so thoughtful.  I just wanted to warn you!